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I’m a guy who likes a schedule. I’m a guy who’s going to be in big trouble come the Summit.

I’m seeing some really good advice all around. Thomas LaRock ( Blog | @SQLRockstar ) said to be flexible, because the best learning will most likely happen on-the-fly and in the hall. Allen White ( Blog | @SQLRunr ) said to buy the DVDs on twitter.

Want to see something funny? Here’s a PDF of my original notes as I browsed the Summit schedule builder. (The “web” means I’ve caught the session as a webinar.) There’s no way any person could do all this and get in any networking.

What I Will Attend

I think the tactic that I’m going to follow is not to identify the “must see” session per time slot, but maybe just one or two “must sees” for each day. It’ll help keep me on a basic schedule, and it should allow for enough flexibility to do ad-hoc learning. And of course I’m trying to strike a balance between what I find interesting, what I think will help me immediately, as well as what I think will aid my career. My choices:

So there’s my list. What do you think? Am I on the right track? Should I consider some alternatives or replacements? Let’s start some fires in the comments!


6 thoughts on “2010 Summit Plan

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, Matt! Picking two Must See sessions each day is a great way to give yourself some structure but still allow for flexibility when potentially really cool stuff just *poof* appears right in front of you.
    Looking forward to meeting you at the Summit :)

  2. Don’t forget to attend Tuesday’s keynote. We have some big announcements that we are making for the next release of SQL Server. Of course, you need to participate in #sqlkilt Wednesadat. If you don’t have a Kilt, check out Utilikilt in downtown Seattle. If you go to the store, mention my name. If you shop on line, go to Yes, I get credit towards my free Kilt when you go through my Evangelist URL :-)
    Bill Ramos, Microsoft

    • Matt says:

      I definitely have the Keynote in mind, I just needed a lot of focus on sessions, since I still think of them as the “meat-and-potatoes” of the Summit.

      And as for the kilt, I’ve got that covered. :)

  3. @NULLgarity says:

    Having a couple alternatives per time slot is not a bad thing. I think occasionally a session may fill up and you’ll need a Plan B.

    • Matt says:

      Agreed. I was thinking that I’d download my full PDF notes into my calendar just so I know what’s happening at any given time, and if I run into the issue, I could quickly look up an alternative and run to a new room instead. But there is a lot that is going to be happening all the time, and I’m really looking forward to the insanity of it all. :)

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