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Jason Strate is launching a new blogging series entitled #meme15. It attempts to give some blogging fodder for the 15th of each month. This first topic is about Meta-Blogging. (Blogging about blogging.) Jason’s asked why did we first begin to blog, and why do we keep blogging?

In the Beginning

Darkness, light, creation, and all that jazz. I’ve blogged before I came to the SQL Server community, and before I identified as a technologist at all. My blogging was a mix between the personal and the DC art world. Those sites are gone now, save for in the Way Back Machine. (Asides: I tried to grab a screenshot, but they didn’t have any nice looking ones.)

And Forever Continuing

Simple Diary Covers Fan300x300

Analog Blogs

I blog primarily because I like to share things. Sometimes it’s personal information about what’s happening in my life. Now I tend to focus on sharing knowledge about SQL Server and design topics. But I’m always sharing.

I blog because I enjoy writing. While I do have periods of writer’s block, I don’t have trouble with the blank page. I’ve learned to turn off my inner editor. I’ve learned to have fun in communicating, because if you don’t get enjoyment out of the activity, why the hell do it? (Not always true, of course, but especially true for blogging to a community that has many fantastic resources already.)

I blog because I think it’s helped to open up opportunities to me. It’s drawn me into becoming a presenter for the community. I’ve been approached about writing articles. It hasn’t helped to land me that Dream Gig (yet), but I don’t feel it’s hurt me either. I don’t think Andy and Brian would have asked me to join SQLPeople if I hadn’t been an active writer.

Lesson: It Really is About You

Like many others, I don’t blog for the page views or the visitor stats. I don’t blog because I make any money. I’ll admit that sometimes the analytics psych me out, but in comparison to my pre-SQL Server blogging, it’s the difference between night and day.

One of the main reasons I continue to blog is I feel that I’ve found the right audience. Despite all the great resources available, this community hungers for more. We all share the same voracious appetite for information. And there’s enough depth to the technology that there’s plenty of room for all kinds of content ranging from novice to expert level topics.

For all those writers out there, and for those that would like to begin writing, here is an important lesson: work on style and content, yes, but also find the right audience for your work. It’s critical that you do. The right audience will love the hard work you’re doing for them, and they’ll return the favor by spreading your work further. More, those people make all that work a pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Blog Cause I Wanna

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  2. The best reason ever to blog: because you want to write. I don’t suffer from lack of ideas, but from lack of courage to write them up. Always self-guessing whether I can tackle the topic well enough.

    I think, though, the best way to overcome that is to just do the writing. So that’s my thing for 2012. Start drafting, don’t worry about getting it perfect until I’ve at least written a draft.

    • Matt says:

      Definitely just run with it. Drafts are easy: editing is hard. If you just write, you can always file it away if you aren’t happy, you can identify places where you think you need more research, or you can simply toss it out.

      One thing that has helped me in the past is the snowflake technique. (Not my invention.) But you create you topic sentence. Add to it til you have a full paragraph. Then take each line in that paragraph and turn those into separate paragraphs. It’s a bit like building a draft from an outline.

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