I’m Presenting at SQL Saturday #164 in Cleveland

Cleveland Skyline

Cleveland Skyline

I’ve been selected to present at the upcoming SQL Saturday in Cleveland, OH, on August 18th. I’ll be giving my (brand-spankingly) new presentation, “Communicate for Great Good!” It’s based on my Tribal SQL chapter submission of the same name. Here’s what you can expect:

Communicate for Great Good!

“No one knows what I do.” That’s a chief complaint of data professionals everywhere, and it’s a dangerous position to be in as well. Reviews may not be favorable, promotions more uncommon, and training dollars more rare. But by practicing written and verbal communication, new opportunities may present themselves. Blogging can land a book deal. In-house team lunch-and-learns can lead to community presentations. Most of all, good communication can be the skill that saves your job or opens the door to new horizons.

It will be an interactive session where participants can begin working to grow their communication skills immediately. Register today and I’ll see you in Cleveland!