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SQL Satuday #61

We’re a success! Don’t believe me? Well then you ought to read this post by Sandra A Mueller ( Blog | @SandraAMueller ), who wrote a much better review than I can wrap my mind around at this point in the week. But I must thank her for it because, as an organizer, I felt I was too thick in the weeds that day to get a true feel for how the event was moving along overall. But as they say in show-biz, “Appearance is everything.”

Something Different

This was a different kind of SQL event for me. As I mentioned, I helped to organize it in some capacity – mainly with communications in the final weeks prior, but on the day of it’s becomes an all-hands-on-deck deal.

I didn’t attend a single session, though there were great things being taught every hour. Instead, my day was spend in an endless loop of running from room to room to ensure that speakers had been able to properly connect to the A/V equipment, or that there were enough drinks available, or making sure the food area was kept tidy, and letting folks know where the bathrooms were located.

All about Networking

But as Sandra alluded to in her blog, it’s not a bad way to spend a SQL Saturday. I got to meet every speaker, and in most cases we even had the chance to talk for a little bit. Like organizers, most speakers tend to hang around outside of sessions, and so it’s nothing to walk around and find someone to talk to. So despite not being able to make it into any sessions, I didn’t feel like I had missed out on anything. Especially because of the size of our event (and we’re estimating attendance to have been between 180 and 200 people), everyone is available to you: you simply have to go up to the person and say Hello.

Don’t Miss Out

I’ve still got a few items to cross off my SQL Saturday #61 checklist before I can fully put it to bed, but just as soon as that happens, I know that I’ll be seeing many of you again in Cleveland, OH, for SQL Saturday #60. Yeah, Cleveland is so awesome that the numbering goes backwards. And who knows, Philly is only 3 hours away, so maybe I’ll also see you at SQL Saturday #69 too. Just as great as the SQL learning is at these events, coming out to meet your comrades in the greater community is just as important. And I’m definitely going to be bringing back some ideas for our next DC area event.


4 thoughts on “SQL Saturday #61 Wrap-up

  1. That’s how more and more SQL Saturdays that I even just volunteer the day of have become for me, not able to see any sessions, but you know I really enjoy that part of it. You get to help out and network more, and really get to hear other folks stories and what brought them to the event. It also opens up opportunity to help cross pollinate vendors to sponsor other events.

    We’ll see you in Cleveland!

  2. Sounds like things went well! Taking on any kind of volunteer role does distract from the technical learning sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you don’t learn and benefit just the same. At the Orlando event I throw myself into people and logistics, and then for ‘away’ events I can relax some and enjoy (and appreciate) the work of the speakers and volunteers.

    • Matt says:

      I’m thinking the same thing. Especially after travelling, maybe you don’t know the area or have trouble getting around, it can be difficult to volunteer while on the road. Even in New York a few weeks ago, I had taken the bus up, didn’t get great sleep but volunteered – great event, but boy that was a long day… :-)

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