SQL Server Resolution

SQL Server Resolution Badge

SQL Server Resolution Badge

I hereby resolve to work towards becoming a more proficient SQL Server professional. I will make opportunities to acquire knowledge, develop my skills, and grow in my profession. In working towards greater proficiency, I also resolve to enrich my relationships with family, friends and the SQL Server community. These people are my support system and are most deserving of my time and attention.

The Idea

The idea for the SQL Server Resolution came from Jen McCown’s ( Blog | @MidnightDBA ) choice of topic for January 2011′s T-SQL Tuesday. If you feel inclined to make the same resolution, you may upload this image to your blog as a public reminder and link to my this SQL Server Resolution page for an explanation should your site’s visitors click on it. Or if you would like, you can simply copy and paste the HTML below to generate the linked image.

<a href="http://mattvelic.com/sql-server-resolution/">
<img src="" alt="SQL Server Resolution Badge" title="sql_server_resolution_badge" width="175" height="175" class="size-full wp-image-220" />

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    • Matt says:

      Thanks, Andy! As I mentioned on your post, I really wasn’t sure if anyone had seen this thing, was using it, linked to it… I was pretty close to taking it down!

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