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It all started out with a question on Twitter, and turned into the topic for the second UnSQL Friday, once again hosted by Jen of the DBAs@Midnight. The question called:

Attn authors, MVPs, & bloggers: Who are the IT giants you talk to/read that make you feel like a technical poser? No fair saying “everyone”. (And we may as well rule out @PaulRandal, he’s a given.)

Yeah, I mentioned this might be a video, but you’re getting a blog post instead. It’s been a long day, including what I thought was a hacking attempt against my website a few others I administer. While everything appears to be fine now, and those passwords have been changed, my mind is a bit too flustered at this point in the week for that on-camera magic…


The fun part about Jen’s question is that she specifically stated that we can’t say everyone. Which is how I feel at times since I’m still a relative newcomer in the grand scheme of the technology. But I eventually ponied up some noteworthy individuals:

Not the biggest names, but as Jen said above, “Paul Randal is a given.” But I chose these individuals because they blog solid content for the beginner and intermediate SQL Server professional. That’s me. But it’s also the level to which I feel that I should be able to communicate my own ideas as well. And so it’s a treat to see these introductory posts by folks who could be blogging the technical and the deep dive: it means a lot.

Giant Lessons

While others in the community stated that they don’t “hero worship” or “think in these terms,” I don’t feel that it’s always a bad thing. I admire the individuals above because I feel like I am still learning valuable lessons from them. They’re showing me how to share. But I admire others as well.

I admire Brent Ozar ( Blog | @BrentO ) for his seemingly boundless enthusiasm and work ethic. I admire Mladen Prajdic ( Blog | @MladenPrajdic ) and Jeremiah Peschka ( Blog | @peschkaj ) for the way in which they explore and push the limits of the technology. And well, I think pretty much everything that Andy Leonard ( Blog | @AndyLeonard ) has to say on design, implementation and integration is the bee’s knees.

Of course, there are so many more great people that I don’t have the space for here.

Human Nature

In college, as I worked in the studio, I also studied artists. I took cues from specific artists and works and invoked them in my own pieces. It’s what is known as imitation. But it’s also learning. Children learn and grow by imitating the people around them. Artists learn to make art by imitating other artists. And now I study all these wonderful people in the SQL community, seeing what and how they share, and I begin to imitate as well. I’m learning. We’re all learning from each other.


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