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It’s another UnSQL Friday. On a Wednesday. But that’s okay, UnSQL isn’t as hoitey-toitey as T-SQL Tuesday…

This week’s assignment, since I’ve chosen to accept it, is to blog about tech companies that I feel are getting it right. When Jen put up her poll and sent out the request for votes, I’ll admit that there were only one or two companies for which I didn’t vote, and that was because I hadn’t heard of them. The companies I’d like to mention directly are the four that I feel have boosted my career the most.

SQL Sentry, Red-Gate, Quest Software and MSSQLTips. Can you guess what these have got in common? These wonderful companies are the four original sponsors of SQL Cruise.

Think about it: all of these companies went out on a limb (Sorry, Brent and Tim, it’s true…) to sponsor a new kind of training. A training on a cruise. When I told our IT Director about SQL Cruise, he laughed. After I had won the contest and asked if he’d pay to send me down, he laughed again. I don’t think anybody in his right mind thought that any training would happen on a cruise.

Anybody’d be wrong.

SQL Cruise Conversation

Pro Tip: SQL Server is learned best
with a fruity beverage.

SQL Server learning happened around the clock. Being trapped on a vessel with 16 or so other people with similar professional interests, goals, and drive… you couldn’t help but learn. Folks sat together for meals, went on excursions at shore, hung out around the pool and the bar. Conversations would ebb and flow between family life and clustered servers, favorite books and execution plans. And so it’s these four companies that I felt got the SQL Server community in that moment, and I’m glad that they took a chance on Tim and Brent. And while it’s sad to see that MSSQLTips didn’t sponsor the upcoming SQL Cruise season, it is fantastic to see Idera and Confio join the ranks of sponsors.

Most of all, I hold SQL Sentry in the highest regard, because if it weren’t for their contest, I wouldn’t have gone on the cruise and (more than likely) would have not decided to take this career path. SQL Sentry’s “getting it” had a life-altering affect on me. I’m not at all surprised that they topped Jen’s poll: I’m living proof that they’re doing it right.

Thank you, Red-Gate, Quest Software, MSSQLTips. And thank you again, SQL Sentry. Please keep on getting it right.


10 thoughts on “UnSQL Friday 3: They Done Good

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  2. WIDBA says:

    Great Post,

    As a SQLSentry customer, I am happy they helped you out. I know they have been great to work with and involved in different sponsorships, but the fact they affected a career in such a positive way is even better. Its funny, but it seems the SQL space has better vendors than I recall in other areas, in regards to being involved in community, maybe I am mistaken though.

    Take it easy.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks! I’ve only ever worked in the SQL Server sphere, so I don’t have a comparison, but I agree that our vendors do go out of their way to help the community. In some of the other professions that I have worked, especially in regards to fund raising, you don’t see this kind of openness and support.

  3. Nice post Matt! It’s funny that we both independently put up posts today mentioning that learning was happening the whole time during the cruise and not just during training sessions!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks, Noel. Yeah, I thought it was a little funny too. It’s weird how great (read: cracked) minds work alike. :)

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