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Virtual Lab Companion eBook

As you may know, I’m giving a new presentation, Build your own Virtual Lab, which had its beginnings as a humble blog series. One of the great things about the session is that we can discuss some virtualization, architecture and networking that supports SQL Server – but that 60 to 70 minutes flies by incredibly quickly.

And so I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing a companion eBook for the presentation. It can guide you step-by-step through the process of building your own Windows Cluster at home. And being a work-in-progress, you can bet that I’ll be updating and adding more information to the guide.

You can find the eBook, review the presentation, and find related links on the presentation’s new resource page.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Lab Companion eBook

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  3. Well hot damn. I just started doing this myself (sort of). I’ve been doing it with no guidance whatsoever, but so far built a virtual host (out of a Shuttle XPC and a lot of RAM), stood up a domain and DFS, and maaayyyybe have VPN running correctly (I actually haven’t had a chance to test it yet). The clustering thing is definitely an interest.

    • Hey Jarett! My motivation was to help others save time since it’s so easy/cost effective to do these sorts of VM experiments at home nowadays.

      Love those Shuttles. Used them a lot in a past job.

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